New Scramble Crossing for Cars


University and Union Intersection – The installation this summer of the scramble crossing at one of the university’s busiest intersections has been well received as a demonstration that the city listens to the needs of students and motorists who are tired of clearing splattered frosh out of their grills. Some also see it as an attempt to make the campus address campus accessibility issues (turns out all that weird brutalist-architecture phase isn’t wheelchair friendly) even though it’s literally the only crossing for the visually impaired in the entire goddamned city.
The crossing is about to get another remodeling following complaints from drivers, “You’re waiting at that red light for-fucking-ever when suddenly the scramble walk starts and you have to wait again and then the other lane gets to go” claims alleged motorist and local Kingstonian Rob Ashdenphal, “First off you’ve got that fucking chip truck blocking the road one way, that line of taxis obstructing the other, and on top of that dozens of students who think they’re playing a game of frogger.”
The city was presented with an interesting opportunity, adopting another European idea (following the success of the roundabout and the speedo) Kingston will be getting its first scramble crossing for cars. Mayor Bryan Patterson lauded the changes as progressive, while others are more critical of the idea, “Look, I’ve run the simulations, I’ve been playing Traffic Rush since it came out in 2009, so I know best; you’re going to have a collision sooner or later. Hell, my high score is only 144 cars, ” proud iPhone owner Sandra Thompson tells us. 
Cars are set to be able to use the new intersection by 2016 and bicyclists are still expected to ignore traffic laws the entire time.