New Student Excited to Experience Thrilling Queen’s Tradition of Waiting in Line for the Treadmill



With Orientation week finally over, new students of Queen’s University remain desperate to find ways to participate in acts of school spirit. All over campus, first year students grasp for glimpses of “student life”. For the latest batch of frosh, “student life” is a whisper: a shadow on the wall. For Rufina T. S. Priestley, a first-year student in the Kinesiology program, every student tradition she can find is worth pursuing.

“The student lifestyle is so important to me”, Rufina told the Golden Words Legget Correspondent. “I’ve heard so much about it, and I want to experience every possible tradition if I have it in me”. One tradition Rufina had yet to hear of was that of the infamous treadmill line.

The treadmill line is one of the most widely experienced traditions at Queen’s University – perhaps even more so than actually using the treadmill.

“Ever since I heard about the treadmill line, I’ve been desperate to go to the ARC. I don’t know when I’ll actually get to wait for the treadmill, though. Student traffic seems hard to predict, and pretty much every person I’ve asked has given me a completely different response about when I can actually find the ARC line for the treadmill. It honestly seems like everybody just pretends to know more about Queen’s than they actually do. For all I know nobody I’ve talked to has ever fucking been to the ARC.”

Rufina is certainly correct in her assumption that nobody actually has any clue how shit works here. Because of that, we wish her luck in her quest to wait in line for the treadmill. We know she’ll experience it sooner or later!