New Viral Prank: Pooping on a Victim’s Chest and Slapping it


A growing trend across university campuses has caught the attention of the staff here at Golden Words: the Vietnamese Landmine, the act of pooping on the bare chest of an unconscious victim and then slapping that poop while yelling “LANDMINE”. Malicious, inventive and highly marketable, this unholy combination of poop and things that should not be in contact with poop is rapidly gaining the popularity of Queen’s students and university culture at large.

In the past decade we’ve seen many of these fads grow to extreme heights only to fade into obscurity. The cinnamon challenge: an attempt to eat an entire spoonful of cinnamon because it’s better than listening to your mom talk about her run in with her old high school friend Jean. Planking: society’s way of turning a not fun workout turned into a not fun statement that you’re spontaneous and quirky. The Thumb Flick: a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to permanently sever your own thumb tendon by simply holding it in a fist and flick your hand forward. Each one of these feats pushed our culture to greater heights, but none have come close to where we are now, watching videos of people shit on each other and slap that shit so it splatters everywhere. For months we’ve been patiently waiting for a creative, progressive and family friendly viral prank to really grab those views and likes, and with the Vietnamese Landmine, our prayers have been answered.

What stance does this contributor take upon such an act? Unquestioning support. I, Golda Meir, proudly endorse the use of the Vietnamese Landmine. Whether it’s to your housemates, parents or childhood pastor, I say drop it and pop it, no regrets.