Night Delight


At the party in this moment I am.
Speaking like yoda because I am high,
Could not sink a cup despite how hard I try.
The balls, bouncing off the cups with a bam.
My partner and I stuck in a rut,
If I missed again, my balls she would cut.
Any hole that was the goal,
But it hit the rim to my dismay
But fell into another, a bounce, hooray
The sweet victory I celebrated with a bowl.
And just like that I headed out the door,
To the open world did I explore.
I passed the wizards asleep on the steps of the church.
Passing the Wine Rack I could not say no,
My alcoholism today my friend not my foe.
A big swig I take and my stomach begins to lurch.
Salvation I find behind a bush,
But adventure stops for no man so ahead do I push.
On to the Knight Bus do I hop on.
Traveling through the streets Tumble on my right.
Out the window in front of Stages do I see another fight.
Alcohol, replaces the  brain with brawn.
Onward we trek past the abandoned wreck of fluid,
I contemplate the universe, feeling like an all powerful druid.
I watch the people go by and wonder at this occurrence.
My head filled with green we ride off into the stars,
I decide what I need to do is visit some bars.
Oh Fuck I’m at St. Lawrence,
How did I get here,
All I want is a beer.
From the bus I fled, needing some air to clear my head.
While I walk back I watch the leaves as they blow,
Knowing even less than the one John Snow.
Cursing the bus and how I have been mislead.
I walk for a time that seems disconnected and unimaginable,
There as a couple kissing so aggressive, more like a cannibal.
My journey of epic proportions begins to draw  to a close.
Finally my feet bring me to the foretold bar.
I rush to the entrance pausing only to throw up behind a car,

I try to act not high, but the bartender’s eyes tell me that he knows.
Mustering my courage I look at him and project calm,
He asks if I want anything and, panicking, all I could think was Jager Bomb.
He give me a look and says we don’t do that here son.
Then I’ll take a -…. what I say came out as a slur,
What happened after that was a little of a blur.
With that I decided to head home, for my night was done,
This night I is something I might have to rethink,
And for the last time I throw up, this time into the kitchen sink.
I make it back to my soft warm bed,
The pillow the most perfect spot for my head.
As I lay there I don’t make a peep,
And very soon I drift off to sleep.
-Sweepy Panda & Creepy Propaganda