Nihilists Take Up Chalk Drawing


    Andrew Malone was distraught when he was walking to class on monday morning. Passing by Jeffery he noticed the literal and metaphorical writing on the wall. Once again had yet another Queen’s group had vandalized our beautiful campus with ‘motivational’ messages. Seeing quotes such as “You can do it, don’t give up”, and “see the beauty in the world around you” Malone noticed the serious bias tolerated by the university and propagated by these groups. Not wanting to just stand by, he took action. 
    He has gathered together with his campus group, ‘Queen’s Nihilists, Pessimists, Fatalists, Defeatists and other assorted Naysayers’ to take back campus sidewalks, and provide an equal voice to those who don’t fit the mainstream. QNPFDaoaN has been quite busy around campus spreading their message of futility and despair around campus. In addition to writing depressing truisms on the sidewalk the group has also rented space on the corner in front of Stauffer in order to educate passersby. Armed with black, half-inflated balloons representative of your hopes and dreams and a bad attitude these crusaders have been handing out study packages. These are filled with black licorice, , and various leaflets with such selections as “feel free to just ride the conveyor belt of mediocrity, it’s what is statistically likely to happen“, and “although technically you are ‘changing the world’ merely by existing in it at all, none of your actions will be of any measurable consequence on a long enough timescale“.
    “Our culture seems to be full of spreading happy messages, telling us to be happy and just get through it. They totally ignore the reality of reality. ‘Happiness’ as we define it isn’t a concept stable with geography or time, it’s just become an empty phrase to express general content, disregarding the possibility for emotional breadth that life can give.” Malone said, though not all his fellow club members shared the same view. We talked to Ruby Palmer about her thoughts on the new campaign, “Well I finally dyed my hair teal so it matches both my aura AND my birthstone! Sometimes I add the quotes to my myspace page, which autoplays My Chemical Romance so everyone can know how I feel inside.” “Yeah I was here because I needed vent some steam, my parents were pissed I got my 56th piercing so I started give my high-school poetry a wider audience.”