Not Like Other Girls


The year is 2069, APOCALYPSE has hit. Ahhhh! Oh my god it’s so bad!!! Ahh so many people are dead!!! The Korean guy or someone totally nuked the Heck out of us. Did we deserve it? Maybe that’s the complexity of the whole situation, I don’t have time to get into it but like I DO have a great grasp on politics and morals I just like don’t think you’d get it.

Anyways, you -of all nerds- survived because of some like weird DNA stuff I don’t know whatever, so you’re alive. You emerge from the rubble; the sun is rising and reflecting off the black and empty streets. The sky is such a rich pink hue it is almost red with the blood of your brothers. Puppies also survived the whole apocalypse by the way; every puppy is alive and happy! Like even the old 14-year-old puppies are alive, they are all doing so well and they are such good boys.

The city is so quiet you can hear your blood pulsing thr–WAIT! There’s a crash and behind you figures emerge from various corners of the city. Zombies-classic. You’ve seen all the movies, like all the classics that I could name off but I wouldn’t want to make you feel like you don’t know all the cool zombie movies that I know but like yeah basically every movie.

So you start to run. You know three blocks away there’s a Walmart and this is America it’s time to find your freedom. You creek open the door, at the counter a man stands, his back to you. As he turns, you realize something about the man. He’s a ZOMBIE TOO!!!! Hahah what a trick in the plot! But as you start to analyze his symptoms you realize the zombies in this movie are of a type of zombie you have never seen before, an underrepresented genre.
His skin, tinted with a soft green, has a few wounds that are pretty infected but nothing too bad. He’s lazy; he has a hint of a limp and he wants to nibble on you a bit more than the average Walmart worker.
He is not like other zombies.
This is not a story; this is a protest, this is a cry for equality.
In movies today Zombies and pandemic infections are ridden with ridiculous stereotypes. Why is it so hard to believe that a Zombie apocalypse couldn’t just mean like 99% of the population is just feeling a little random XD. Maybe zombies are just going to be extra ticklish. Maybe zombies will all just be so passive you won’t be able to get anything done because no one will be stern enough to assert their opinion. Maybe zombies will all just stop liking Eminem even his old stuff. Maybe zombies could just be a way to look deeper into our flaws and what it really means to be human. Similar to the unrealistic expectations and sexualized images the media portrays of women, they are doing the same to zombies. Free zombies of the stigma because so far it seems the only plague on us is us.
The title was a huge trick to make you think I was gunna whine about being unique and trick is on you because my ego is too huge to need false individualism to boost my self worth. I just instagram likes.