Ontario Hall officially renamed ‘Instagram Hall’


As a result of external pressure from most Developmental Studies majors, the AMS has officially renamed Ontario Hall, a building home to the five people in Fine Arts, to Instagram Hall. This has been done so white girls can more easily identify the building that they will inevitably take selfies with to post on instagram.
“We’re all about making people feel at home here at Queen’s,” said AMS Internal VP of Maternal Affairs, Lucas Trudeau. “It’s too often you see a girl in her green field jacket and Uggs wandering around University and Union looking for a place to fill that empty hole inside of her with Instagram likes. We’re looking to change that.”
The new building is also experiencing a makeover. A sign will be put in the front lawn with a list of possible hashtags to caption the picture. These includes #love, #home, #instagood, #nofilter, #queensu, #tagsforlikes, #kony2012, #stopatnothing, #makekonyfamous, and #coverthenight.
The new change has been taken quite well by the Queen’s community. Sally Rychlo (DEVs 2016) stated, “I like, totally love the new change. Because sometimes, it’s like super hard to remember where I get to show the world the only redeeming quality of myself, my cleavage!”
A recent survey suggested that no student or faculty member has actually stepped inside the building formerly known as Ontario Hall, including those who actually have scheduled classes in it. Due to this, there have been talks of simply removing the back half of Ontario Hall in general, leaving only the stairs and ivy in an attempt to save money. This half of the building will be replaced with an identical set of stairs and ivy to maximize potential likes on Instagram.