Other Floors of Douglas Library Finally Fed Up with “Harry Potter Room’s” Shit


In an open letter the other floors of Douglas Library announced they are sick and tired of that attention-whore, the Harry Potter Room. In the letter, the other floors detail how The Harry Potter Room thinks it’s so slick, but really it is just a two-bit good-for-nothing shitbag.

As a representative of the below-ground, Floor 2S was hurt that Harry Potter Room doesn’t call anymore. “We used to be BFFs, but now that two-faced bitch only ever wants to take insta pics with the 1st year students. Meanwhile I’m alone with all the left-behind smelly 5th years trying to graduate. Don’t forget where you came from Harry Potter Room, I remember you when you were nothing but a trailer trash punk, that couldn’t even read. You think you’re hot shit because you have a book series named after you? Yo Mama was a nudie magazine and Yo Daddy was a copy of the Queen’s Journal.” Sick burn, Floor 2S.

Even the infamously snooty W.D. Jordan Rare Books & Jordan Special Collections Floor thought Harry Potter Room was pretentious. “Never have I EVER encountered a library so aloof. ALOOF I say! Why, after the last incident at the Supper Club, I wouldn’t sit on a davenport in dungarees next to the poor sob, never MIND attend a Picture-Show with the scoundrel!”

At Press time, the Douglas library floors decided they don’t hate Harry Potter Room anymore, and have decided to start a feud with The “no-good rotten” Isabel-Tett Centre. Those uppity skanks.