Pepe the Frog, the Worlds Greatest Hate Symbol


As many of you may have heard the Anti-Defamation League has now declared the meme Pepe the Frog as a hate symbol. The once widely loved and enjoyed meme is now placed on a list with abhorrent symbols like the Nazi Swastika, the Confederate Flag and burning crosses. Many meme enthusiasts and members of the alt-right alike are enraged by this announcement – and understandably so. However the greatest faults of people in our generation is not based off of bad intentions but actually those who have their best wishes at heart yet intentionally wreak havoc on the innocents in our world. As was the case of many people who initially supported the ideas behind the other symbols on this list the real issue is ignorance. This is what I am here to do today ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself; I am not only going to prove that Pepe the Frog deserves a spot on the hate symbol list but that it the worst symbol on it.

1- Pepe discriminates against frogs.
Since its creation in 2005 Pepe the Frog has created a negative image of the general frog community, portraying them as excessive weed smokers, violent gun users, and members of nearly every social culture in this world. These however are not truly representative of the frog community which is peaceful group of fly eaters. Because of this, needless violent acts have been committed against frogs. These violent acts include kids murdering frogs while playing in ponds, frosh killing frogs in the grease pit on pole day, the Roberston family on Duck Dynasty hunting and eating frogs for increased ratings on their show, a large portion of Eastern Asia eating frogs live as a delicacy – the violence is needless and endless.

2- Pepe perpetuates depression.
Being one of the originating dank memes Pepe is influencing the next generation of socially awkward and Facebook-bound teens. Originally only located in the darkest and dankest corners of the internet, Pepe has now infiltrated its every corner like wild fire and aggressive cancer. Often displayed crying or pointing a gun towards itself, Pepe has dragged many (including myself) into the deep abyss that is depression and self loathing. Personally since my exposure to Pepe the Frog my quality of life has dramatically decreased and I can no longer enjoy any of the normal joys in life. Every single day I struggle to get my rush of dank memes, yet the same dank memes are the only thing keeping me afloat in the ocean of overwhelming meme-based darkness.

3- Pepe targets privileged individuals.
Being exclusively spread over the internet originating in low keys social media such as Tumblr and MySpace and moving now to Facebook and Instagram, Pepe has selectively infected the majority of our privileged teenage world influencing our entire next generation. Unfortunately the majority of our predominantly white society of North America only care about ourselves and consequently anything affecting privileged whites is deemed exponentially worse despite being on the same level. This is the unfortunate truth just like how ISIS is common knowledge amongst us while Boko Haram is relatively unknown.

The world is a dark and depressing place and memes, especially Pepe the Frog, expose it on each and every level effectively acting as an accumulation of all the hate in this world. This is why I believe that Pepe the Frog should be on the hate symbol list and is much worse than all the others. If you are unaware of Pepe please take every effort avoid it as ignorance is bliss.

Memes; not even once.