Planned Installments of the Taken Franchise


In honour of the upcoming Taken 3, Golden Words is reviewing the past movies and making future predictions on the future of the franchise.
Taken: In this categorically unreal movie, Liam Neeson, played by Liam Neeson, has his daughter kidnapped by European sex traders and lays down the single most intimidating threat ever issued over the telephone. He then goes to follow up on this threat by murdering at least the population of Newfoundland and Labrador in two and a half hours of mayhem, precision killings, ruthless torture, and the biggest bodycount since the Battle of the Bulge.
Taken 2: The exact same script as Taken 1, except instead of running around killing people for the whole movie, he is stuck inside a room for half the movie and has to spend the other half of the movie trying to kill a full movie’s worth of people. Which (spoiler!) he totally does.
Taken 3: AKA Tak3n. This movie is looking to be the best monument to badassery since Taken 1 & 2. There is a scene where Liam Neeson murders the entire cast of Numb3rs. This time with 30% more honour killings.
Taken 4: Rambo Bourne, Rambo Dead: In a massive blockbuster crossover movie Liam Neeson murders Rambo with Jason Bourne. There is a cameo performance by Zach Galifianakis.
Taken V: In the gritty reboot, Liam Neeson spends an afternoon peacefully with his daughter at a church barbecue. Directed by Michael Bay, lots of T&A shots. And a surprising number of explosions.
Taken From Russia With Love: Liam Neeson murders most of Russia in order to assassinate Vladimir Putin, along the way he kills James Bond retroactively by killing Ian Fleming 70 years in the past.
Taken 7: Liam Neesons kill Key & Peele. Described by Mecca World News reviewer A.A. Ron Balakay as “insubordinate and churlish.”
Taken 8: We discover Liam Neeson’s character’s name is Bryan.  Character names have not been included in the previous 7 movies.
Taken: 9 Lives: In a shocking plot twist, Liam Neeson thwarts the terrorists by killing his own daughter.
Taken 10: With no daughter to save, Liam Neeson spends the whole movie walking his dog Rexie and randomly murdering pedestrians and uttering threats over payphones.
Taken XI: Liam Neeson murders everyone who ever watched Taken XI, filmed live. Also Liam Neeson crosses the cartoon barrier to murder Clifford the Big Red Dog.