Positions Available: Recent graduates to act as teenagers for empty nesters


Advertisement – Contract work, Queen’s HR department looking for recently graduated Arts and Science students to act as teenagers to ease the transition for Queen’s parents into empty-nesters. This contract work will last over the span of a few months, from mid-September to mid-November. Over this period, Arts and Science graduates who have not yet found jobs will have the opportunity to make some money by comforting parents of new FROSH who have just left their precious child to the “good” care of Queen’s University.

It is understood that the employed will move in with the family of the FROSH, and will act to fill the void that an angsty teenager leaves behind in his or her parent’s heart and home. Pimply faces and attitude are regarded as assets towards this position. A sense of general ungratefulness, disregard for cleanliness, and laziness are also important qualities. Looking young is also an asset. It is important that you be ready to participate in family meals, family outings, camping getaways, and the daily family life of the ‘client’ family.

These positions are offered through the HR department at Queen’s University, as part of a new transition program for parents of new Queen’s students. The pay is $100 per day, with meals and a room included. If interested, please contact Rosa Green, advisor of the Wellness HR group, at 613-877-0000.