Possible Meeting for Agnostic Club Tomorrow


    The Agnostic Club at Queen’s announced yesterday that they may or may not be hosting a meeting tomorrow night to discuss their possible belief in a religious deity. Club President Christine Simmonds announced that the meeting, if it happens, will be held in Dunning Room 12. “We’re not positive that the meeting is a sure thing yet. I mean, it’s certainly highly possible that there could be a meeting. But really, who can know for sure?” Simmonds was quoted as saying.
The club, whose members identify mostly as indecisive Christians, does not appear to have any mission statement. When asked about what the Agnostic Club actually does at Queens, Simmonds said that’s something they’ll decide at the meeting tomorrow, if a meeting is held. “There are some very good arguments for having a meeting, and I think a meeting could definitely happen, but the question is really, do we know for sure that we want to hold a meeting? What would happen if there is no meeting? Would that really change much?”
Simmonds mentioned during her announcement that there will be snacks and drinks served at the potential meeting for all who attend. However, she cautioned those with nut allergies to be cautious, because the majority of the snacks may or may not have come into contact with peanuts. In our discussion about the event, she said “We like to be accommodating of all people at these meetings, because we never know who’s going to walk in the door. Sure, we have RSVPs and such, but it’s like, you don’t know for certain what’s going to happen until it actually does. So we try to play all options, and make sure that we’re open to everything. If we have a meeting tomorrow, we want to make sure we’re prepared for any possibility.”
Simmonds, a third year ArtSci student who has yet to declare her major, has been president of the club since she formed it in her first year. She cites her desire to find people who shared her possible beliefs as the motivating factor behind starting the Agnostic Club, as well as an interest in learning more about people’s worldviews. She recommends to everyone that they come out to the meeting tomorrow, if the club decides to host one.
In other theological news, the Queen’s Atheist Society will definitely not be hosting a meeting tomorrow, while the Hindu Fellowship of Queen’s will be hosting multiple confusing meetings at the same time.