Proof That Jack Could Have Survived The Titanic


“You must do me this honour. Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise.” A great line in a movie that made us all cry, and if you didn’t cry then you’re dead inside. Speaking of death, you know who died for some bullshit reason? Jack in Titanic.

Obviously James Cameron wasn’t an engineer, because if he was then he would’ve known that Jack could’ve fit on that door. But instead, he made Rose look like a selfish girl and just pissed off a bunch of people including myself. I mean for God’s sake there was so much space on the raft, so much space god-damnit. What the actual heck James Cameron?

Now of course I’m not gonna make such a claim without proof, so using my super smart mind (smarter than James Cameron at least), I have evidence that my boy Jack could have survived the sinking ship–after all, I do have a 1.9 GPA for a reason.

Let’s get technical af here, the dimensions of the raft were estimated to be 6’x3’x5” and Rose is not that thick, so she could have scooched a little bit and saved somebody’s life. If she had just made her “french girl” pose like she did earlier in the movie, there would have been enough space and Jack would have survived.

The ship sunk at 2:20 AM, a perfect time for a booty call but also the time where the weather gets pretty cold, especially in the North Atlantic Ocean close to Canada, which is where the sexiest ship ever sunk. If I know my Physics (and I do), the density of ice cold salt water is 1000kg/m3

Multiply that by the volume of the raft and make a few assumptions you’ll find that the buoyant force is around 2490N. That means that even if you’re hella heavy, the raft could still hold you. I’d say that Rose is about 125lbs and Jack looks like he obviously doesn’t lift so he was maybe 160lbs both these weights combined is 1264N and here’s something James Cameron doesn’t know, 1264<2490 so the raft could have held them BOTH!

I’m letting my rage get the best of me, and I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. I should stop now because I have proven my point. Join me next time when I prove to you that Hogwarts was imaginary and that Harry was just a psychopath who was just imagining everything.