Queen’s Concrete Toboggan Team Won Somehow


Every year the around 30 of the silliest fucking Queen’s students gather in Ellis Hall and mix around concrete and talk about being beauties or something. It’s a civil-mech eng group mostly but it’s open to everyone. The team is to compete every year in the Great Northern

Concrete Toboggan Race. Basically you gotta make a toboggan that only touches the snow with concrete, and then race a bunch of other teams from across the country down a big ol hill.

This year the race took February 8th to 12th in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The team was lead by their captain Steph Paitich, and their theme this year was Talledega Nights.

This is probably the best theme you could have gone with, because it is the best movie of the last 100 years or so. It’s honestly so sick.

Anyways, when pushed down a big ol hill it actually made it the whole way, and beat every other team. This is the first win in all of Queen’s history.

When asked how they won, most of the team refrained from answering because they are all really hung over, but the one response we got was “WE HONESTLY HAVE NO IDEA”. This historical moment will go down in Gaelic history forever. Alongside this win, a more surprising win was that only half the team came home with pink eye.

But even more important than “winning some race” was the fact that the team successfully managed to uphold Queen’s University’s reputation as the most belligerently drunk at the party-Every.Fucking.Night.