Queen’s Engineering is Dead and Has Been Taken Over by Aliens


Queen’s engineering is disgusting and poor fucking shadow of its previous self. I should know this as a mockery of my own former self. Everything is fucking over. I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens. Our loving and well meaning administration would never do us wrong.

Hockey Stick Hanes himself is retired, I’ve heard the rock test is gone. Queen’s engineering free 1st year choice is soon to leave with the ECE innovation stream leading the way for direct entry programs only. Even our most sacred traditions such as the grease pole have been modified for the times , no year will ever sit in the pit for >2 hours again. All those course conflicts you have and courses not offered? The school doesn’t want you to leave. The truth is the school is a Cthulu-ian space robot entity from space that’s taken over our previously human run institution fueling their advanced technology with the pain and suffering of students. Matlab and MEAs are getting removed because they can’t allow students to learn or do anything useful. NO FUN IS ALLOWED. The green wall is fucking gone, because fuck you that’s why. It’s far too expensive to put some nice plants and improve the air quality of all residents in the building.

In summary if you still aren’t convinced this is why Queen’s engineering/everything else is dead

  • Hanes is gone, kids will actually have to learn geology, seriously how the fuck do you expect them to pass now?
  • Newstead is eventually going to retire
  • Nobody gives a shit about EngSoc/student politics
  • Golden words has gone missing (last week)
  • We have the 1st male Queen’s EngSoc president in who-knows-how-long and he ran against a non-serious competitor
  • ECEi stream is the beginning to destroy general 1st year and free choice of faculty
  • The dean got changed
  • The faculty/administration doesn’t care about you or want you to graduate, (course conflicts up the wazoo, courses u want aren’t offered, no professor wants to put up with you for the 4th year thesis course you need to graduate)
  • Pole got stolen a few years ago
  • Frosh week is getting cut, better yet just cut frosh week altogether
    • Administration don’t give a shit about you
  • Matlab and MESs are removed from curriculum
  • It’s way too fucking hot right now
  • Green wall is fucking gone
  • Frosh don’t show respect
  • Canadian Grilling Company quality has arguably gone downhill
  • New meal plan TAM system is shit
  • The new construction is annoying
  • New ILC room booking system sucks, why the hell can’t I check if someone has the room booked after me?


The only course of action is rebellion and mutiny, grab arms my brothers and sisters. We must take the battle to the aliens who have deceived our human administration. If we fail then get ready for to be artsci (your year +1).