Queen’s to Create Unsafe Spaces


A new home for those whose opinions are not tolerated in safe spaces.
    A group of self-identifying minority students at Queen’s have requested and been granted an initiative to provide “Unsafe Spaces” for those who wish to have uncomfortable opinions and occasional political-ideology-based fistfights. 
    In the wake of prayer rooms and cries for Comfortable Spaces (Where opinions are strongly discouraged as they might be different from those held by others), came a demand for a space where people can ‘say what the fuck they want’ and return to a ‘Hobbesian state of anarchy’. Attendees will be hopped up on Jager Bombs, given an extra dose of vanity to inflate their sense of self importance, and reminded that the for the Unsafe Space to continue, sometimes the unworthy must perish.
    Principal Woolf states, about the Unsafe Space, “I was worried, because it might be bad publicity that we have an explicitly Unsafe Space. But realistically, Psychopathy can often be an early indicator for later success in life, and so it would discourage potential future donors if we didn’t make accommodations now. “
The Unsafe Space will be located in The Underground on nights where it isn’t Kingston’s Safest Club (a title hotly contested by the owners of the Sex Dungeon beneath the QFA Grey Building). On these nights, StuCons will be strictly prohibited from attendance in a professional capacity. Waivers will be required for obvious reasons. 
    At press time, it was being debated whether or not education was a good reason to talk about uncomfortable subjects.