Queen’s University wasted money on football stadiums that it could have put towards my Kickstarter Campaign


Queen’s University has devoted $3 million on the revitalization of Richardson Stadium this past year, out of a total of $20 million being spent on the project including donations. To many students this may seem like good news. For the one day a year when students like to pretend they know how Canadian football works, they can enjoy the new stadium’s many comforts. Yet to me this construction project is not just tragic, but insulting.
The running of a university is difficult, and choosing how to spend money is never easy. With that in mind, I find it a little disappointing that Queen’s so quickly chose to support its athletics program, rather than a student initiative. For two years I have been running a Kickstarter campaign to invent a bread slicer that sings “Slice Slice Baby!” As it cuts bread loaves. My invention has so many uses – from making chefs laugh as they slice bread, to making children laugh as they slice bread. You can even dance to the beat, thanks to how catchy the song is!
If Queen’s university had given my kickstarter the $3 million, I could already have the rights to the Vanilla Ice’s greatest masterpiece, “Ice Ice Baby”. Without their donation I have had to resort to sending Vanilla Ice letters in the mail every day, asking for permission. Without funding it may take years to develop my great creation and complete my legacy. Honestly, even if Queen’s had given me the money, they still would have had $17 million from donations to put towards Richardson. The priorities of this school boggle the mind.
By choosing to renovate the stadium over funding me, Queen’s has begun a process of stifling creativity, reducing innovation, and driving away the greatest minds of our generation. Twenty years from now, when everybody in every home has a bread slicer that sings “Slice Slice Baby!”, Queen’s University will look at me and despair, mourning the partnership they could have had.