QUEST Project Ideas


1) Sustainable outhouse toilet or full washroom complex made of edible plants and herbs which users will proceed to piss and shit on to help grow. Elevated and landscaped ground to support proper squat stance for defecation, if you are able to manage defecation, is required (hemorrhoids, indoor plumbing… not even once). The toilet system must be able to survive me puking on it, and easy enough for me to use when I’m drunk, in my jammies, in winter. We also don’t want lines when we have parties. Also it needs to not smell like shit, my toilet already does. It must be private enough for me to comfortably shit.
Before you ask “Isn’t this just shitting in a bush?” No, fuck you, this is more than that. This is some serious shit right here, Bill Fucking Gates had a competition for waterless toilets, now make me something where I don’t have clean up my piss off the bathroom floor anymore, please. This is your chance to make Queen’s relevant, don’t fuck it up. What do you mean Nobel Prize, the fuck is that? Can I piss and shit on that, and then eat it? I don’t think so. Think of the starving orphan-children who don’t have sustainable toilets.
2) A farmhouse that is partially made of edible crops, kind of like a gingerbread house. How do you keep wild animals from eating your house, how do you refresh your house as you eat it, and at what rate? New APSC 100 MEA, Brian Frank? You’re welcome.
3) A new plant wall for the ILC because somebody decided engineering students’ quality of life wasn’t worth paying for, because fuck them amirite? Make a plant wall in the ILC that is made of edible plants/herbs for engineering students to eat from or to add to chicken pestos. Aloe vera to be cracked open for moisturizing hands, XXX, the possibilities are endless! If Trudeau wins, the plant wall could even include dank weed for APSC 161. Where am I supposed to get my LinkedIn photo now? Seriously, fuck whoever decided to get rid of that plant wall, that shit was nice. It meant something when there were living things that were in the ILC 24/7 besides engineers.
4) A new sustainable, eco-friendly grease pole, and grease pole climb. New materials that are more environmentally friendly. Since we don’t have a grease pole anymore, this is a good opportunity to make a new one, bigger, better, with strippers and blackjack.
5) “Anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough” – George Washington
Eco-friendly sex-toys, condoms, sex-robots, etc. put the SHRC out of business and shame them for not being environmentally friendly. Are they trying to fuck the Earth? Fuck them.
6) A dog-sledding transit system for travel to west utilizing the domesticated wild wolves of west. #NoFroshLeftBehind
7) Everything required for a sustainable complex to generate the materials for chicken pestos, inside the ILC for the Tea Room. Because fuck it, what are we going to use that space for? Every year more and more rooms get taken from us.
Seriously, please give me that Tea Room gift card for chicken pestos, shit’s expensive.