I have never once went on the social media group called “Overheard at Queen’s” because I prefer eavesdropping on people passing by me on the streets where squirrels have once roamed when they were still alive before they were hit by the car in the middle of the night when the traffic is clear enough for the always speeding taxis to pick up extra rounds of clients to and from the bus terminal where the bus going to Toronto is always over an hour later than what is scheduled on the megabus website where you are supposed to print off the ticket that people always just downloads on their cellphones to show the bus drivers because technology is the driving force of the advancement of human civilization whereas the rejection of technology is not only against the improvement of humanity but also harms the environment in a sense that the lives of trees are essentially more important than the lives of humans because trees make oxygen which is better than the carbon dioxide that humans make with their respiratory system when they metabolize fuels such as sugars, proteins, or fats into energy forms that the human body can use for other things such as moving, thinking, and keeping warm in the cold weather of one of Canada’s most habitable climates located in Southern Ontario which is basically the United States but obviously better just because we are bigger and farther up north which means that when global warming eventually manifests itself in ways that were predicted such as the arctic glaciers melting and the northern permafrost thawing out into arable land where people will migrate to from all over the world which is actually way too large a population to all fit comfortably in a way that everyone has a house because apparently having nuclear families – although requiring the most amount of housing space – is the way to go since people are pretty selfish and don’t like to share things with others who may or may not be related to them in a direct or indirect way such as by genetics or by marriage which is starting to be practiced less and less as some people consider it to be a religious tradition that no-longer applies to the increasingly secular younger generations due to the increasing availability and increasing societal pressure to go to mostly secular public universities such that the enrollment increase rate is faster than the ability for universities to accommodate the large number of first year students on their own campus instead of at a local community college campus which is another five minutes by bus further away from the university’s secondary campus which is already way too far even by bus such that people such as me who live about a block east of West Campus can’t even get on the bus in the morning because it always gets full before the stop before my stop which is five minutes after St. Lawrence College which is where the buses will now get full at which just completely screws over both students living on West Campus as well as myself who is now not looking forward to the winter time because I will have to wait for the bus at 7:50am instead of a comfortable 8:20 am as I quite enjoy sleep even though I go to my morning classes where I can read Golden Words.