Every year the first years are given large complex problems and nothing but matlab to model and solve the system. With years of running the program there are ideas that have not been used to to complexity of the problem or the ridiculousness of the problem. 
Model the reflection profile of Brian Frank’s Head: Brain Frank’s head can be assumed spherical. Using the reflection data provided map the percent reflection over the entire spherical surface.
Tension of a Cable: The dean of engineering is using a misbehaving frosh as a yo-yo off the top of Grant hall. Determine the tension on the cable that is being used. The frosh has a mass of 80kg and a diameter of 1m. The cable length is 10m and can be assumed massless.
Model the ILC air quality drop without the green wall: The green wall which filtered the air of the ILC has been removed. Using the sensor data determine the increase in the air contamination without the wall. Determine how many years this is taking off of everyone’s lives.
Model the ideal launch of a frosh from a West Campus canon: frosh weigh an average 80kg and can be assumed spherical with a 1m diameter. Determine the idea launch velocity and angle to have at least 50% of frosh and in the 10m by 10m landing net. 
Model and disprove einstein’s theory of relativity: Using matlab disprove a fundamental point of general relativity. Publish this is a peer reviewed journal and successfully win a nobel prize for your work. 
Model the urine capacity of the journal: Queen’s physical plant services wants to determine how many unread copies of the journal will be required to clean queens campus. Determine through experimentation the urine absorbency of the journal. 
Model the spread of pit flu: Model the spread of the pit flu through the first year population. 
Model how much time you would have without these MEAs: Determine how much time a properly done MEA requires to perform. Then determine what you could have done instead of this project.
Model the stress on a gpa: determine the stress inflicted on a GPA while slamming on the clark hall patio. determine the ideal velocity to prevent zipper damage.