Golden Words would like to address some concerns that have arisen with regards to an article in Issue 6, “Continuing Sexual Consent Agreement For 2 Participants”. It has become apparent to us that some members of the student community may have been offended by this article, in particular the use of the word “consent” in the title.
The purpose of the ‘form’ was to provide a humourous codification of a sexual encounter between two consenting individuals that already agreed to have sex. In publishing the ‘form’, we intended to promote discussion on the complexity of sexual consent and that all sex acts between partners must be fully informed and agreed upon before commencing. However, the poor choice of using the phrase “consent agreement” as the document title may have invited readers to interpret the document as trivializing the serious matter of sexual consent.
We did NOT mean to trivialize the nature of consent by turning it into an extraneous, bureaucratic situation. Consent is not a grey area and should not be made fun of. We are very sorry that the ‘form’ may be interpreted in this way. It was not our intention, and we apologize for the poor editing of the document.
The publication of this article happened to coincide with the publication of Queen’s Journal’s in-depth special report on sexual assault on campus. This piece was an example of excellent journalism that helped bring awareness to an ever-concerning issue in the campus community. The ‘form’ we published was not at all intended to poke fun at this. Golden Words writes our paper on Sundays and publishes on Wednesdays. We had no knowledge that such an article was being produced by the Journal – we do not frequently communicate with them with regards to content. This was simply a case of bad timing, and we sincerely apologize for it being inappropriate.
Golden Words has had issues in the past regarding “drawing the line” between satirical humour and offensive content. It is in the interest of the current editors to continually reflect upon the mistakes within our published content. We do not wish to perpetuate negative and/or oppressive aspects of our culture within our publications. It is within our responsibility as a relevant campus publication to use our means to promote a healthy, progressive culture at Queen’s, and we appreciate all feedback on our editorial work from our readers.
Hattie Xu & Joe Craib
Editors, Golden Words