RIP in Peace Highland Games


Engineering Frosh events are so fun so fun so fun, endless fun. Endless fun is guaranteed for everyone! Frosh be warned- stoic behavior will be rewarded by slightly more respect from your Upper Years, which you should strive for as you have never strived for anything in your life. The events promised to us by tradition are Thundermugz, the Grease Pole, Eng Cuts, Geco and Highland Games. These events have been established for generations and bring together the incoming Engineers and the Upper Years, and even Alumni. Upper Years walk around and lurk Frosh, dressed as kings in their Golden Party Armour, and keep the peace and tame the youngins with their water guns. Frosh be warned- you can never be sure what is stored in the water guns. Rumours have been going around that the people in charge (no names will be named for the nameless peoples’ safety) have decided to put an end the Endless Fun. It has in fact been confirmed that the nameless people have banned the Upper Years from participating in Highland games. The nameless people are taking away the Upper Years’ pride and fun, endless fun. Fighting in the mud, shooting questionable liquids on Frosh with water guns, and most importantly slamming their GPAs in unison. What an outrage! What a disappointment! What a shame! What bullying! No fun at all. The traditions are being thrown away with no regard for the years of greatness by the nameless people. The nameless people are planning to take apart Engineering Frosh and recreate it in a safer environment for the precious Frosh. The projected events are making puzzles, playing bingo, a checkers tournament, and a no-contact-germless meet and greet. Endless fun.