Sam Ed: Don’t Take Care of Your Mental Health


I’d like to start this editorial with a welcome back. To some of you, this is your last semester. To others, you’ve just finished your first semester of university complete with all of its (alleged) goat-blowing milestones. But hey, it’s 2016 now, and statistically speaking by the time you read this paper you’ll only have reneged on 78% of your New Year’s resolutions. The reality of #newyearnewme is sinking in and there’s no filter on the Instagram photo of life. Excuse my while I pick up my mike, it’ll take me a second because I just dropped it so hard
Anyways, at this time of year for most of us, our life is pretty happy. For some of us it’s even fantastic: we’re cheery and pleasant all day long. If you’re reading this and thinking “wow that’s me, gosh darn isn’t life grand” I want you to do hear what I’m saying loud and clear: get some grit in your life you insipid Disney channel clown. Stop having the equivalent of a Hallmark card as the aggregate of your time squandered on the mortal coil. Make an enemy. Go brood or something. 
And for the rest of you, this editorial is for you. Because sometimes life isn’t alright. Sometimes you’re angry, anxious, jittery, sad, frenetic, lonely, or just fundamentally unhappy without due provocation and far more than circumstances justify. When you just can’t get to sleep for a week and you’re unfocused and irritable. When you have this exhausting nervous energy that has you bouncing up and down non stop. When you just feel like crying for no reason at all. When you can’t get yourself to stop considering a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
But when life’s got you down in a way that isn’t normal,  what’s the solution to this concerning state of affairs? Why I’m glad you asked. Dear reader, you should do nothing about it. If your mood is affecting your life in a negative way, don’t do anything to fix it. Don’t go get help from the dozens of easily accessible services on campus. Don’t see a doctor about it, don’t see a therapist, don’t burden your friends and family who love and care about you with your legitimate concerns. Treat it the same way you would a broken foot: pretend it’s a twisted ankle and walk it off. And especially don’t indulge in a brand new facility opening up on campus: the Engineering Wellness Centre. 
The Centre is a new initiative by the Engineering Faculty working to improve student health and wellbeing with open dialogue, resources, and support.They’re launching at the end of January in Wallace Hall, just across the street from Clark Hall with a staff of upper year engineering students that have been through extensive training. These people (who you should never talk to) are available to listen to anything on your mind, or refer you to other great resources. Even if you’re not looking to talk to people, the centre will also be a great space to take break from school and relax without the cutthroat competitiveness that booze, foosball or smash bros brings out in people. 
In other words, it’s a great place to never ever use, whether you are frosh, upper years or some unnaturally conjoined pairing of the two. I mean if you’re an upper year who didn’t figure out every facet of post-secondary life ten turbulent months after high school graduation, why would you ever go there? — *muted punching* — *silence*— Sorry, Sam here, writing instead of our idiot intern. Let me answer that question, why would you ever go there? To get the help and support that we can all sometimes need. 
Anyways, the Engineering Wellness Centre is a very real exciting resource that’s opening up on campus at the end of the month so if you or anyone you know could benefit from its services (even if it’s only to remember what it feels to be top cheese by demolishing every challenge a colouring book can throw at you), I highly recommend you pay the good people over at Wallace Hall a visit! Happy New Year everybody!