Sam Ed: Focus Festival


The Queen’s Focus Film Festival is a non-profit, three-day guerrilla film-making competition at Queen’s University. A bunch of amateur filmmakers had last weekend to put a film together and it’s going to be screened at a gala on the 28th. I know that because I googled them, and that’s the extent of the information I’m willing to divulge about the festival. Why? After extensive negotiations, which I’ll admit is a strange way to describe a slurred drunken yelling match, a rep from Focus, let’s call her Grace Dim, and I came to the conclusion that the film festival would pay me exactly zero dollars to write an article about them. With a paper as historic and prestigious as Goldne Words- we have three copywriters for crying out loud –  Focus will be damned if they’re getting free publicity from us! 
Besides who’d intentionally boost the ego of Film majors? Sample conversation: “How was your break, Grace?” “Needed better writers, more crane shots”… No fucking thank you. If I wanted to get into a discussion of a fictional character’s unspoken internal monologue and what the “framing of the shot” was doing to capture an emotional moment I would have to be having an otherwise incurable stroke and even then would have to think about it. I once went to a party with film students and within thirty seconds of being in the keg line I’d had no less than three conversations about practical effects. I don’t know or care about how groundbreaking the monster was in the Thing and the importance of fixed point camera work. If sound editing isn’t done by a DJ, I don’t care to know about it. If the key grip is not a way to describe a kid imitating Wolverine from X-men, I don’t want to hear about it. Life is so much better when you don’t give a shit about movies.
The worst thing about film majors is that they seem to genuinely enjoy what they’re studying. Everyone in Engineering is so sad, all the time, because their initial love of science has been totally rotted away by failing test after failing test. So in all fairness to Film Majors, I’m going to cut off this rant like a director enthusiastically making his first cut. So all you aspiring film nerds, go out to Focus, film a terrible scene of yourself over-acting to classical music, and go be judged by dozens of your peers! Focus Film Festival Gala, January 28th! Check it out. Or Don’t. Boycott it. Can’t stress enough that they didn’t pay me.