School Club


People, it was a bad midterm. You know it. I know it. We were both there for fucking sake! So why the hell do you keep bringing it up, especially 10 minutes after the fact? My emotional cuts and bruises are still attempting to heal, and they can’t with you being a constant source of anxiety. Gives us all a break and follow these simple rules about the crappy, unfair, unrespectable, disgusting piece of shit midterm.

The first rule of School Club: You do not talk about SHIT MIDTERM

Second Rule: You DO NOT talk about SHIT MIDTERM

Third Rule: If someone says ‘STOP’ you fucking let off about the SHIT MIDTERM

Fourth Rule: The SHIT MIDTERM is only between two things: you and the SHIT MIDTERM

Fifth Rule: Only one SHIT MIDTERM can be dealt with at a time

Sixth Rule: No time for self-respect or decency in the SHIT MIDTERM

Seventh Rule: SHIT MIDTERM season will go on as long as it needs to

Eighth and Final Rule: If this is your first SHIT MIDTERM, you have to fight