Science is Witchcraft


Science, what is it good for? Nothing because it is nothing but witchcraft that is being sold to us by demon possessed purveyors. It is time you wake up sheeple and see the truth behind the science. Here are the things that can not be understood and are clearly witchcraft.
Radios: Music from thin air? have you ever heard of something that is more of a sign of sorcery and the dark arts. They use these means to get into our heads and control our thoughts while on the road. Radios also cause people that are driving to die through a demonic possession. Remove these from your house and car immediately they are a risk to your life. 
The Internet: More like the a playground for witchcraft. This place is where demonic forces can run free and reach you in your home and take over your children’s mind. Keep all this stuff away from you.
Electricity: These “circuits” and “electrons” make no sense. They are just witchcraft by wire. Think about it “I flipped the switch and the electrons flowed” or “I flipped the switch and the magic flowed”. You know which one makes more sense… cut off the electricity immediately.
Geology: These “people” claim the earth is 4.6 billion years old. How sickening am I right? Everyone knows that the earth is no more than 6 thousand years old and was made in an afternoon. These people claim to use their “uranium dating method”. A more witchcraft system has never existed.
Artificial Life: These monsters are trying to be God. Life only comes from one source and to claim anything else is pure witchcraft in the most blatant and twisted form. 
Doctors: These people trade souls and enslave people to drugs that they claim are “for their good”. Have you ever heard of such a ridiculous thing. This doctor said I am paranoid and need to go on meds. I think my doctor is just trying to enslave my soul to her demonic overlord through her witch potion of chemicals.
Flat earth deniers: How dare you question if the earth is flat with your false globes. Everyone knows the earth is flat how else would it fit so well onto the the paper in the form of a map? This deceit is done in order to hide the flip side of our flat planet and the darkness that possesses it. This witchcraft the keeps people thinking the earth is round is a sign of the overlords in the society.