Senior ‘I know better than you do’ Editorial: Long Distance Relationships


Hey there Frosh! By now you’ve already settled into residence and convinced yourself that this is the best week of your life. You’ve walked through the streets of the student ghetto University District, overpaid for a few keggers, tried your ‘totally real’ fake I.D. at Stages, and most importantly REMAINED LOYAL TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND. Because let’s face it, what you guys have is special. Everyone knows that your first love is the most likely to last the longest, i.e. forever. They’re probably at Western, McMaster, U of T right now having the time of their life, wishing you were there with them.
But don’t worry, if you’re feeling worried about the longevity of your relationship, don’t be. Because I’m gonna write a very biased list about why being in a long distance relationship in University isn’t only manageable, but ideal. I know this because I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a girl I met in my home town over the summer.

  1. You don’t have to worry about trying to meet new partners, you can just go out to have fun. There isn’t another time in your life where you’re going to meet as many new people in one week. You may be thinking ‘hey, If I’m meeting all these new interesting people, how can I be sure that my partner isn’t going to eventually meet someone they find more interesting than me’? Think again. You knew her when she only had a repertoire of a dozen other guys in your hometown to choose from. You’ve set the bar high, any varsity athlete at her school can’t match that cute sound you make when you’re having an asthma attack.
  2. You get to see cute pictures of your partner having fun at their school. They seem to be making a lot of new friends like you! I’m currently looking through my love-interests facebook photos to see what she’s up to…. Huh. There’s this one with two guys kissing her on the cheek with the caption ‘LOVE my new friends <3’… That’s nothing though. I can’t stop her from making new friends. I’m really good about giving her space and letting her figure herself out.
  3. You get the occasional call from your partner crying late at night. Wait, that’s not good. Why is she calling this late? Hold on a second guys, I have to deal with my girlfriend for a second…. Oh, no… she wouldn’t! How dare she! I’m not crying, shut up!
  4. You get to die alone. This gives you A LOT of free time for yourself. An eternity, in fact. If you’re already alone you don’t have to worry about anyone leaving you. Human interaction is overrated anyways. You know what isn’t overrated? Cat interaction.