Smash That Big Ass Pumpkin!


This Friday, October 17th. Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and Queen’s Gives Back will be dropping a 500 lb pumpkin from a crane at Agnes Benidickson Field from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. The pumpkin will be carried by a giant, long legged, long necked crane. The bird will fly in at 2:20pm, by which time the bird will be exhausted and simply drop the pumpkin on the field. Obviously EWB is sacrificing their concern for animals this year and putting all their focus on Political Advocacy, something about “Putting Development on Canada’s 2015 Election Agenda”. EWB thinks that by smasking a giant pumpkin on a field, they can create enough of a seismic shock wave to shake some sense into those politicians’ heads.
The event will be themed around raising awareness for the #FixtheGap campaign, according to EWB. When asked what the campaign is all about, EWB’s answer was quite vague, leaving Golden Words staff to search for the answer in a more indirect way: hacking.
Our staff used their master hacking skills and typed “#FixtheGap” into the search bar on Facebook. We did not find much result except for people complaining the bad taste and fashion sense of the Gap clothing store. It’s too expensive! Anyway, if you want to learn more about this campaign, you might have to go to A. B. Field and wait for a pumpkin to be smashed on or around your head.
Apparently, there will be fair trade hot chocolate, coffee, and pumpkin pie to be served at the event. The pumpkin pie is cooked directly from the massive amount of heat energy created from the impact of the pumpkin smashing to the ground. The pumpkin makes for the pumpkin pie filling, and the crust is made of sweet sweet mother earth.
The pumpkin. The crane. The pumpkin pie. All are great reasons to focus your attention on this super awesome event.
In my first year, I saw EWB smash a giant pumpkin in my back yard – I lived in Morris hall and they smashed the pumpkin in Leonard Field which no longer exists due to construction. It was pretty damn cool. A piece of pumpkin flew from the explosive smash and flew into my res room window. At that time, it was already pumpkin pie, and it was the best pie I’ve ever had. Therefore, I highly recommend going to this event.