Some Alright Haikus on the Alright Love You Can Find at Alright Clubs


I believe in love
In the bar and at the club
It’s there in the hub

Girls put on your heels
Boys get lit, walk on over
Sun, snow, rain, or hail

Got to make it out
Skip the line, don’t pay cover
Pretend you’re hub staff

Walk into the club
With at least a couple friends
And start having fun

Buy a drink or three
Get the cheapest one and tip
Bartender’s hot (nice?)

Check out the dance floor
Lock eyes with girl/boy/other
Make your way over

Grab hips and shimmy
Thank the gods for Ale, the Spot,
Stages, Trinity

The next thing you know
He/she whispers “let’s go home”
Heck yeah you are down

Drunk food is a must
Mucho, Donair’s, Burger King
Nuggets for two bucks

Get home, get naked
Go to bed and have some fun
Love, found at the club