Spice Up Your Sex Life


Is your sex life getting you down? Are you looking for ways to make your sex life more interesting? Don’t worry, Golden Words has got chu covered, with these simple ways to literally spice up your sex life.

Everyone knows that Indian culture prides itself on delicious cuisine, and kinky sex. Why not combine both! Add a dash of curry to your sex life to really brighten things up. Two to three teaspoons of red, green or tricolour (cha gheill!) curry powder will add a flare that really leaves your partner wanting more. Kama sutra? More like curried tuna!

Everyone knows that the French are passionate lovers, with a culinary flare that delves way deeper than croissants and garlic. A dash of saffron on your junk will knock the fine mustache off of any French Woman, and make her drop her jaw so large that the pack of cigarettes falls right out of her mouth. Escargot? More like Escar-hoes.

Let’s bring it on down to the south! Cayenne pepper can put any chili dish on the next level, but did you know about it’s aphrodisiac qualities? I bet you didn’t. If you did, you bet your sweet southern-fried ass that you would be sprinkling this powdered pussy magnet all over your dish before you head of the the Stag Mahal. Chicken and dumplings? More like split-em and hump things.

Perhaps the most lively country is Japan, both culinarily and sexually. They are willing to fuck around with bull testicles, and then cook them on kebabs when they’re done. We can all take a page out of their book. Add a small dash of soya sauce to the bedroom to make your sex life salty, sweet and a little bit coy.

Well there ya have it. If you try these, your sex life will in for a world of heat that melt Guy Fieri’s frosted tips.