Sports Are Boring and Make No Sense


After attending Sunday Night Trivia @ The Brooklyn all summer it came to my attention that I know jackshit about sports, and neither did any of my team. It made wonder if sports are finally and blessedly becoming obsolete. Perhaps finally the population is beginning to understand that sports aren’t really that interesting. If fact, I would go as far as to say that they are actually just quite boring. 
Many of you may argue that my opinion is biased because I do not know the rules, and to that I call bullshit. I used to play soccer, and though I will admit for the first few years I was never quite sure what way I was supposed to run, I did eventually learn what I was supposed to do. What I learnt was only that the goal was to chase the ball, an inanimate object, might I add, and kick it into one net, while stopping the other people from following the ball into the other net. The rest of the rules were just stupid enough not to bother committing to memory. Offside is probably just a conspiracy to make guys think that just a couple inches actually matter, amirite? The most fun I ever had during a game was accidentally giving a girl a black eye, which is actually somewhat concerning for both my mental stability and the all round nature of sports.  
And even when you have read the encyclopedia of rules and regulations you still can’t tell what’s happening, really. I’m not even talking soccer specifically. Tackle sports like Football and Rugby just look like everyone is really keen on violent hugs. And they stop for god knows what every like six seconds, for like ten minutes. What the hell happens in those six seconds to constitute ten minutes of contemplation? Do they just need a break? Are they all just out of breath from all the fierce hugging?
Seriously though, sports just don’t make sense anymore. Especially now that we all have the internet to entertain us, who cares about a bunch of men running after their balls.