Staff Spotlight: Ghazal and Veronica


This week’s spotlight of staff goes to none other than Ghazal and Veronica! Two of our greatest hires (in that they helped with the EngSoc Affirimative Hiring Mandate), they always come to Press Nite with smiles on their faces and enthusiasm for all they do! Facing adversity from having to manage their busy social lives with their love of the written word, we can’t imagine Golden Words without them. So here’s a few things about them so that you can learn about one small section of our fun ‘n’ flirty staff!
    These girls are very emotionally stable and any guy would be lucky to stir their potato salad if you know what I mean (and I know you know what I mean). When asked, they said that their interested were “fighting“, “fucking“, “drinking“, and “not giving a fuck about that guy Jeremy – you’re way better than him“. Their favourite  musicians are all country, but they also are interested in German techno-rock, progressive neo-Jazz/banjo fusion, and the sound of animals mating. Particularly belugas. They’re shy at first, but once you get to know them, they are extremely outgoing. In Golden Words, you can see them eating pizza, chips, or socializing. What’s that over there? They’re writing articles?!? Well gosh darn somebody better get a photo before they go back to discussing the new Rihanna album.
    It’s also important to note that neither of these women are Jewish as the image may indicate, but rather have a deep-rooted curiousity about various cultures and have found themselves inspired by the core values at the centre of the Jewish faith; family, culture, kindness, and having sons that will become lawyers and doctors.