Student Finally Cares About Remembrance Day


Having never been exposed to any real hardship in his life, Tyler Mason, Arts ‘17, had never understood Remembrance Day or appreciated the efforts of any soldiers who fought to make Canada what it is today.

Yesterday, Tyler decided for the first time in his life to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony. “Class was canceled, and some of my friends were going, so I said ‘Fuck it. Why not?’ and went to the ceremony.” Tyler didn’t understand why there was a trumpet solo and had a hard time waiting silently for a minute when he really wanted to ask his friends if that trumpet solo was really the kind of music people listened to back in the day.

At one point he was given a poppy and asked to donate money for it. Unsure of what to do, he dropped a fifty in the donation box, and took a poppy. Tyler had never worn a poppy before, and had some trouble pinning it to his shirt. After his third failed attempt to affix the plastic flower to his jacket, he accidentally stabbed himself in the thumb and let out a gasp. “Aww fuck! Is that what it feels like to be stabbed by a bayonet? I guess those soldiers do deserve to be honoured.” People all around glared at Tyler while his friends acted like they didn’t know him. After the ceremony Tyler vowed to be more respectful next Remembrance Day.