Student Submits Thoughtful, Constructive USAT


After a semester’s worth of slacking off, looking at memes and showing up to less than half the lectures, Chad McNickel decided to top it off with a constructive USAT to help out his sweet politics prof Mr. Bellingdon. Golden Words correspondents interviewed some classmates of Mcnickel.

“Yeah that Chad is an ass” one peer said. “All he does is heckle Bellingdon, who is honestly the nicest professor at Queens. I mean he gives out cookies on the Friday lectures, and at the midterm he brought in his dog.”

At press-time, McNickel was found in the back row of the lecture, organizing a group to “drink every time Bellingdong stut-tut-tutters”.

UPDATE: One day after publishing, McNickel was arrested for three counts of criminal mischief, vandalism, and the intent to weaponize a urine filled-condom.