Syd Editorial: A Golden Words Story: Part One


It was a dark and stormy night, as is always the case when writing a scary tale. The skies were hazy, clouds running into each other turning the sky into a gradient of grey. Sweet cerulean sky and sparks of sun hid behind the monochrome, but it was unbeknownst to Penny Tration as she slept, blissfully unaware of what was to come – of what had already occurred.

Penny lay stretched at awkward angles between her bathtub and the toilet. She did not throw up, she didn’t even pee, it just seemed like the most comfortable place when her mind decided it was time for sleep. The hair cascading around her and into the toilet was stiff and her makeup was streaked and smeared, she looked like the worst kind of carnival clown.  Slowly her body began to wake, muscles twitching as they struggled to remember their place. Her mind came into focus in starts and stops, like it was working its way through a particularly difficult captcha.

Her whole being groaned in chorus as she slowly stood and headed to her room. The hallway was littered with the remains of an alcohol themed night. She followed a solo cup trail, climbing over pyramids of empties and pacing through an obstacle course of cold drunk food. As she reached the door of her room her consciousness snapped back to reality, and was empty. She had no recollection of the prior evening, at all. Her head spun as memories snapped back like a prof speeding through slides so fast you really don’t have time to write anything down.

She slowly opened the door to her room like she was a target in a horror film, accepting the worst, but doing it anyway because that’s what the writer was telling her to do. Her room was surprisingly clear aside from a cat that was not hers grooming itself on her bed. Beside the cat rested 2 round trip tickets to Finland and her phone half submerged in a bowl of uncooked spaghetti. And yet even still as she reached for the phone it lit up with the force of a thousands suns, the sound of the tone lighting a blaze in her head, the vibrations shook her entire body. She had a text message.

    “Are you alive? What the hell happened last night?”