Syd Editorial: PSA – It Isn’t Christmas Yet


It’s September 14th, as you walk the halls of walmart you are affronted with smiling foam pumpkins and shitty felt bats. The hall is never ending, everywhere you turn there is poorly crafted Halloween decorations. And then, blessedly, it is over. The hall ends as October 31st rings midnight and we’ve fallen into November. Now, all that exists is Christmas crap. Everywhere you look you are confronted with creepy Santa’s and tinsel. If anyone asks me about mistletoe – well, actually, it would be nice, but IN DECEMBER. It is still November, guys, American Thanksgiving hasn’t even been a thing yet, and we’re already having tacky parades that no one actually enjoys. 
Y’all just need to calm down a minute and wait it out. Christmas isn’t going to go away, it will still be there, in December, where it should be.