Thanksgiving Blues


The turkey coma is passing by
The good food will no longer be
It is back to endless caf food
No matter how you plea
The perks of home have fled
No laundry will be done by mum
The mess is all yours
No magic fairies to come
You are trapped here now
With all the growing sadness
Here come the dreaded midterms
With their oncoming madness
No sleep to be found for the next weeks
Grades are not easy, they come at a price
In the sea of university, study,
It’s the only flotation device
But fuck that shit
That’s only one way it could be
Let’s just take another hit
Here comes homecoming baby
Yes, sleep won’t be found
But that’s only true at night
As keggers will abound
Sleeping in class is what’s right
So raise your solo cup
And shout out for alumni, new and old
The fun is here, chin up
It’s time to get bold