The Castle Replaces “Curriculum” with “Serfdom”


Bader International Study Centre – Following a suit of resignations and and sudden curriculum changes the dust has finally settled at the castle. In a surprising turn of events we have discovered that the sweeping changes brought to our campus across the pond were brought about due to budget cuts in order to institute a more ‘interactive’ and ‘engaging’, but more importantly cheaper program.
The updated syllabus has students working the fields and scrubbing the castle clean, as well as polishing the armour of their TA’s. The responsibilities of TAs have shifted as well, as they’re now obligated to participate in monthly jousting tournaments for the entertainment of the Nobles (profs).
Recently imposed King Christian Lloyd had this to say about the changes, “We’re hoping that now the students will have hands on experience with dealing with history and get to experience what the majority of their ancestors did. Our new program of Thinking Locally, and Acting also Locally will hopefully spur students to think about how their actions impact all levels, from the small plot of land and floorless hut we’ve assigned them up to myself, His Majesty the King.”
Many students weren’t happy with the newly unveiled learning system, citing petty concerns like human rights and slave labour issues. “This semester is kind of shitty so far, and I mean literally. Pooping in a chamber pot is pretty cool at first, until you accidentally try to make tea with it” claimed student Gabe McAllistar, “I’m really looking forward to starting HLTH 206: Symptoms of the Black Plague and You and FREN 121: Holding a Multi-Generational Hatred of those French Dogs”. 
Others told us that they were finding the program to be kind of alright, “I initially came over here because of my love of LARPing. Sure it’s kind of annoying that they’ve raised the tuition even higher while simultaneously cutting most of their costs, but knowing where  that dry lumpy bread you eat every night came from really makes it worth it, despite the floggings”, says Sarah Jenkins, ArtSci 18,  “We’ve even found a discipline system that’s WAY faster and more efficient than the broken NAD system; burning them at the stake.”
When we sought to discover how such a system could possibly exist so we could implement it ourselves and what we found that the BISC had actually seceded from England as an independent Fiefdom so The Universal Declaration of Human Rights didn’t actually apply.