The Disappearing Act (Starring ‘El Chaphoudini’)


‘El Chapo’ Guzman, known as the most powerful drug trafficker in the world, was recently captured in Mexico and brought behind bars…again. Now before I continue further, I need you to understand that this man is not your average prisoner. Escaping twice from a maximum-security prison which resulted in an international manhunt for more than a decade, this kid could be in line to win a Guinness World Record. I imagine the federal security was long fed up with this game of cat-and-mouse, and knowing their IQs were no higher than that of a Mexican drug lord…well frankly, that’s just sad.
First arrested in 1993, ‘El Chapo’ lived a rather fancy lifestyle inside the Puente Grande Federal Prison. Yes my dear reader, FANCY. According to Business Insider ‘he invited his whole family for a vacation at the ‘resort’ he had created in the maximum-security prison’–and when you thought Christmas break with the fam jam couldn’t get any more awkward. But despite being behind bars, this ‘El Chapo’ genius was able to bribe his fellow security guards and continue his drug cartel from inside the jail using his cell as an office! Talking about making the best of everything.
In 2001, the guards, who were now basically working for ‘El Chapo’ opened his electronically operated cell door. He then got into a laundry cart which was rolled out the front door and ‘El Chapo’ was driven out of town as a free man. His entire escape was aided by guards from the prison, and you’re honestly wondering who hired these people.
Some 14 years later he was found hiding in plain sight, brought back to prison but of course he escaped once more with his magical El Chaphoudini magic. This time, his escape involved a 10 m underground tunnel (classic), which led from the prison to a construction site 1.5 km away in a neighbourhood. The media freaked out, the Mexican prison was humiliated, and the manhunt continued for more than a year until now. Back behind bars and planning his third escape. What will it be this time? Floo powder? A Zeppelin? We’ll know pretty soon.