The Essential Review of First Year Engineering Courses


Alrighty frosh, let me set the scene: You’re settled in now, got your room sorted, made a few “temporary friends until you find better ones”: now you’re standing in line outside the ILC waiting to get your frosh group. If you want some advice, listen to every piece of advice that people give you, starting with mine. With that in mind, here’s some pearls of wisdom about your upcoming courses I acquired in first year, from me to you.

STANDARDS EXAM- This isn’t a course but it needs to be said: skew the fuck out of this, this is mental warfare, if you give the faculty an honest representation of how smart you are or how much you learned in highschool, they win. Please try your utmost to be as dishonest as possible, the fate of your grades depends on it.

MOD UNO- Whatever you do just make sure your mod 1 project sounds reeeeaaaaallllllyyyy cool when you describe it to people. Mod 1 markers give bonus marks to projects that sound reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy cool.

MOD DOS- Just try to finish the reports early. It won’t happen, but you may as well try. You might think you’re a god that can slam out reports at 4am no problem, but you’re not. You’re frosh, and frosh are not gods.

MOD TRES- Everything you wanted mod 1 to be and more, it’s a good course that actually gives you valuable experience working as a group and seeing a project through to the end. Or maybe it does none of that because the project you were given is bad. Luck of the draw.

MOD TEQUILA- This isn’t an actual course but it sounded funny in my head so I wrote it ahahaha.

APSC 111(pronounced AYY-PEE-ESS-SEE one hundred and eleven)- This course is a direct representation of how smart you are, if you do well in this course, you are smart, congrats, please don’t let this get to your head. If you do poorly, there is no recovery, you are destined for mediocrity for the next four years.


APSC 171- Radical idea here: Talk to the person teaching you if there’s something you don’t understand, they just may be able to help you. Or better yet, complain to your friends that you “dont get integrating shapes because your can’t visualize shapes in your head”.

APSC 151- I have literally no advice for this course, it’s not the APSC 151 that I took. No rock test, no Hanes, no memorizing 8.22e124 multiple choice answers from previous years, no fun.

TEXTBOOKS- I’m selling mine! Please slide a plastic bag with 450$ cash under the door of 469 Victoria by Friday, September 8th. Be sure to include your name, house, and room number. You can expect the books on the ground in front of your door within 3 days; no returns, no refunds. Used Englinks booklets are extra.

That’s my advice, frosh, use it wisely or don’t use it at all.