The Golden Words Guide to Self Confidence and Identity


Week Four: Students around Queen’s are finally settling in, and deciding what kind of weird shit they’re going to be into while they’re here. Truly, for first years this is probably the most exciting time of the year. These are what you could call the “formative years” of students’ adult lives. With that in mind, Golden Words is dedicated to aiding the students of Queen’s in finding out who they are, and being comfortable with themselves. Below is a five step process on becoming confident with who you are.

1) Trust in your parents

When you were young you were told you were special, and your parents were not wrong. Every human on the planet is their own special snowflake. No matter whether you like bondage, ketchup in your rice, or eating the flesh of other human beings – you should be proud of who you are, because nobody in this world is quite like you.

2) Actively pursue your interests

Queen’s University has the second most clubs per-capita in North America! Get involved, and look for ways to develop that unique personality. For example, you may be interested in a fan club for Hannibal Lecter, or joining one of the many cooking clubs that can teach you how to perfectly season your meats.

3) Get a job you can truly enjoy

One of the most challenging parts of people’s lives is having to work a job that suppresses your personality and staunches your interests. A way to avert this is to find jobs that relate to your interests so you can enjoy yourself every day. For example, if you spend a lot of time carving, skinning, and chopping up various body parts, you may want to work for a butcher shop. Or, you could be a garbage collector since you spend so much time disposing of the leftovers.

4) Don’t hide who you are

This is one of the most important points for people struggling with their identity. Telling people who you are is one of the greatest ways of learning to accept yourself. You will find that your family and friends will support you no matter what you tell them. That being said, there are restrictions to this point. Do not tell anyone who you are if that will implicate you criminally. Hypothetically, if you are linked to a string of mysterious disappearances, that would be an example of when not to tell your family and friends more about yourself.

5) Come to terms with your strengths and weaknesses

You are who you are, with all the good and the bad involved. Sure, you are secretly a cannibal, but you go to Church once a week so I’d say you’ll be alright.