The Golden Words Nomination List for Queen’s 2018 Honorary Degrees


Nominations for 2018 honorary degrees from Queen’s has opened for real, so GW decided to create our own list of people we think deserve a degree from Queen’s. According to Queen’s, “The university confers honorary degrees on people who have made outstanding contributions to their disciplines or fields of work, community, society, or Queen’s”. As a result I have painstakingly researched into individuals who fulfill these criteria, and have the results. Take a look below at the best of the best, those that without a doubt Golden Words believes should be given honorary degrees for their accomplishments and what they truly need.

My ex-boyfriend from high school who went Laurier: A real degree from there won’t get him anywhere anyway.

The guy from my first year MATH126 class who sent me all the old tests: You did the impossible by not only finding those tests, but prevented me from dropping out of school. I would give you mine cause it essentially belongs to you, but an honorary degree should work too.

Raja Gosnell: Yeah you probably have no idea who this is, but he is the creator of the greatest movie of the 20th century: the 2002 live action Scooby Doo masterpiece. He obviously did not get enough recognition for that film, so a Queen’s degree will obviously give him the recognition he deserves.

Mathew Lillard: Again, name not ring a bell? Well it should considering he was the greatest actor to ever play Shaggy in Scooby Doo. And because he didn’t win an Oscar for that role, he deserves an honorary degree.

Kiefer Sutherland: Because his son Robert Sutherland has a building named after him, so good old Kief should get a degree to make him feel better about it.

Weird Al Yankovic: ‘Cause his actual degree in Architecture is useless to him but the 2006 banger Canadian Idiot deserves an honorary degree from the Dan School of Music.

Jerry Springer: his actual Alma Mater is probably trying to legally revoke his degree, so Queen’s should help a brother out to make sure it still seems like he is educated. He has in fact made an outstanding contribution to his field of getting people to yell at each other about minute disagreements.

Kylie Jenner: For her outstanding and thought provoking concept of “realizing things” in 2016. It had such an influence on society and modern philosophy that we just need to reward her.

Anyone who attended Trump University: We just feel bad that you got scammed into that, so here’s a fake degree from a real university! It’s like the opposite or something.

Everyone who works at Golden Words: ’Cause it’s week 12 and we don’t want to do our school work anymore.