The Life and Death of Yik Yak


Remember that app, Yik Yak? Yeah good times – from late night thirsty yaks of failed attempts of hookups, sharing vulgar jokes (that are only acceptable while hiding behind the mask of anonymity), tosharing frustration over relatable life troubles, there was always something to read while procrastinating in Stauffer (i.e. sitting on the toilet in Stauff).

In August this year the app decided to up and explode itself by getting rid of many of the features that made the app unique. So this special report is here to cover the life and death of the little app that could.

Of course like many things Queen’s dominates in, one of those is the Yik Yak game. We had a news feed that was updated with new shit like every 2 mins. It was a hit and it totally kept me awake in a fair share of lectures, and made me laugh a little too loud in a few as well. The app was unique in the fact that all posters could remain anonymous so you could say whatever the hell you wanted and not have to worry about repercussions. The Queen’s herd would throw shade at Western with “Put my Staples chair together, got an engineering degree from Western.” or “Use the promo code “Western” to get 95% off your career prospects” Then Western would retaliate back with some stupid attempt at being remotely intelligent.

There were so many great template yaks, like “Assert your dominance by asking the don on call to open their door” or all the Pingu and Shrek yaks (noot noot mothatruckas). A favourite yak was talking about the most quotable prof, Mombo. For example “Mombourquette’s the kind of guy to skip his own lecture”. The template was simplistic but effective and was guaranteed to hit the hot yak page.

The app was on fire during the year and kept going strong until the summer, then activity on the app plummeted and it remained that way for the whole summer. At the same time Yik Yak fucked up big time making you have to create a profile and taking away the hot yak page. They committed app seppuku, and no one seems to know why.

It was fun while it lasted, and to the CEO of YikYak: you fucked up dude, *smh*. This one was for you black canoe.