The Man Bun: Fad or Fashion?


There is a new trend I’ve seen around campus that I am not quite sure how to feel about: the Man Bun, or as I’ve heard more affectionately termed, the Mun. There is a lot of controversy around this new do, a lot of the female population I have spoken with have starkly contrasting ideas about this trend and its attractiveness levels. Melanie B, Yogi who carries her Yoga mat everywhere, even on days she doesn’t do Yoga (which is actually most days) had this to say, “Oh yeah, the Man Bun is hot. Me and the Bae can totally match messy buns, how totes adorbs is that?” She then proceeded to hit on the cashier in Starbucks, the man with the Mun was not having any of it.
           I also spoke to the more, ah, uptight females of campus. Commerce student Rebecca said that, “The Man Bun is impractical. Anyone sporting a Mun is going to look like a caveman in a suit. Who is going to get rich looking like that?” She also proceeded to hit on the Man Bun clad cashier at Starbucks. Depressingly, he seemed to show more interest.
           Since many of the Man Bun population comes with beards, I decided to also ask about the baby faced man buns. The results were not kind. Many girls decided that the Man Bun without a beard was slightly creeperish at best. Also, Man Buns that are bigger than Girl Buns were seen less as attractive and more as weird and wrong.
           All controversy set aside, lets just all hope that the Man Pigtails do not become the next ‘thing’.