The Most Annoying People To Have Class With


I’m in third year, so I’ve had a fair amount of classes and I’ve been to most of them. There is a trend I’ve noticed with the types of people in those classes that piss me off. Here is a short list of the most annoying people in class:
1. The Sleepers
           Honestly, for the most part they are fine. They sleep, maybe drool, and provide a source of entertainment at times (see how many paper balls you can get to stay in their hair).  Just don’t snore. Snoring is horrible and you likely deserve the cuff upside the head you’ll get if you snore. Shut the fuck up.
2. The Eaters:
           There are a few different variations of this particular breed of irritating. First of all, you have the Nine Course Dinner who brings at least six different meals of increasing messiness and spends more time wiping up the mess they are making than actually listening to the lecture. Then there is the Conspiracy Theorist, or the dumbass that wraps everything in tinfoil and crinkles it through the entire lecture. They are also fond of SunChips, perhaps the loudest chip bag producer ever. Last in this list are the Chompers, the people who decide the best snacks to bring to class are apples, celery, and carrots: honestly, shut the fuck up.
3. The Teacher’s Pet:
           There are obvious reasons to dislike these brown-nosing, kiss ass, sons of bitches. The main one is that they base their entire value on how much a prof likes them and dislikes you. They sell their already tarnished student soul to suck up to the teacher to get better grades, when in reality, the prof, much like the rest of the class, just wants them to shut the fuck up.
4. The Know It All
           These are the precious students that honestly believe the profs should pay them for the privilege of gracing the class with their presence. Seriously, just shut the fuck up. You do not know as much as you think you do. Every time you ‘correct’ the prof, you just sound like an idiot. Absolutely no one in your class of 250 wants to hear your opinion on why Shakespeare didn’t actually write any of the plays attributed to him. Go home and read a real book.
These are the most annoying people in class, the ones that piss me off the most and should seriously reconsider skipping class. The moral of this article is only this: shut the fuck up; no one wants to hear your shit.