The Return of the King


Finally, I’ve managed to find my way back. As some of my most loyal disciples may have noticed, my yarns and fables have been absent from this paper for the last few weeks. It would have been only too easy to move on and assume I died or used make-up to age my face so that I could go on a special 4 week Shady Pastures Cruise for the sexual active elderly.

I was forced to withdraw back to my house and avoid all human contact so that I could, like many of you, study for midterms, get sick, watch Netflix, cry, get better, study some more, cry some more, and finally emerge as a midterm-ready butterfly, flapping my majestic wings of knowledge. And lo, I did venture forth into the gross underbelly of this university to answer such troubling questions as: what is the angular velocity of this rotating irregular dodecahedral? Explain the mechanism of recovery after a post coital quenching of the adult male penis that has been heated past its eutectic point through immense friction. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?

The answers to those, by the way, are ω = 2.93 rad/s, the crystals reform and begin to grow again, if ya know what I mean ;), and yes, yes I would.

In closing, I’m back to keep you bitches entertained. That is of course until exams roll around, at which point I will hermit up once again.