The Six Most Inspiring Lin-Manuel Miranda Quotes


“My grandfather was very sick, he was bedridden by his disease.The power went out in his house so we all came by, and lit some candles around his room so he could still see. It just so happened that he passed away while we were all there, and the moment he died all the candles went out. So yeah, like I don’t believe in ghosts but I definitely think there was something supernatural going on there.”
– When asked about his views on North Korea

“In an earlier cut of Moana, she was originally going to be a supporting role. The protagonist was actually supposed to be me, played by myself. There was still going to be the fun Disney adventure stuff, she was gonna get on a boat, fight a giant crab, discover herself and all such, but that was only going to be like 30% of the movie. The rest was going to be about me writing “In The Heights.” It would still be animated, but it would be cutting back and forth between the Polynesia we see in the final product and modern day New York City. The NY scenes were just me in my apartment, silently typing on my laptop. There’s like 40 minutes of those scenes sitting on a USB somewhere at Disney, the animation is finished and everything.
– From a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette on “Moonlight,” a film Lin-Manuel Miranda was not involved in whatsoever

“I’m not much of a cook. I make the same meal, three times a day, seven days a week. I throw a chicken breast on the George Foreman, lather some Nutella on it. Boil one of those Mr. Noodles packets, and toss that into the mix too. All a man needs, all a man fucking needs.”
– Apropos of nothing

“I was at the movie theatre, going to see “Jaws 4: The Revenge,” and I bought a ticket from the lady working there. She said “enjoy the show,” and I said “you too.” She didn’t hear it, but you know, it was a close one.”
– Describing his near-death experience

“It’s definitely gotta be Jack Ruby. It’s a tragedy, that man’s legacy. Everybody thinks of him as the guy that assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald in police custody, but he’s done so much more. Almost nobody knows that he put on a musical about James Madison where all the major roles were played by people of colour. There was no way I could have made “Hamilton” if I didn’t grow up in a world he helped build. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.”
– When asked about his largest artistic influence

“Life is like a hurricane, here in Duck Burg. Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, it’s a duck blur. Might solve a mystery, or rewrite history! Duck Tales, woo-oo! Everyday they’re out there making, Duck Tales, woo-oo! Tales of daring-do bad and good Luck Tales, woo-oo! When it’s seems they’re headed for the final curtain, bold deduction never fails, that’s for certain! The worst of messes become successes! Duck Tales, woo-oo! Everyday they’re out there making, Duck Tales, woo-oo! Tales of daring-do bad and good Luck Tales, woo-oo! D-D-Danger lurks behind you, there’s a stranger out to find you! What to do? Just grab onto some Duck Tales, woo-oo! Everyday they’re out there making, Duck Tales woo-oo! Tales of daring-do bad and good, Duck Tales woo-oo! Not pony tails or cotton tails, no, Duck Tales!

Woo oo…”
– When asked what his favourite song is (the question was not asked in full, as Lin Manuel Miranda interrupted the interviewer with this response)