The Small Soft Supple But Substantial Difference Between Fuckboy and Fucboi


Millennials. Memes. Pictures of dogs. how many? Unlimited. The world today is a crazy place haha! I mean who’s to say what the next zany trend is going to be?

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In 2016 crispy fresh new trends often arise in the form of cool slang (crispy is one that I’m personally working on). Today I will be indulging you all on the in’s and out’s of a set of terms so near and dear to me; fuckboy-fucboi. Before you can understand the differences, you must first understand what territory they share. For this section I will use the terminology Fuckboi as a repetition of the two.

When “Fuckboi” was born into this world, there was a historical phenomenon where every young-woman had an identical thought: where has this word been all our lives? Fuckbois have existed since when Adam totally led on Eve, but the physical word is only a recent addition to our vocabulary. A thorough study found the oldest record of the word dates back to February 04, 2010, where StonCldKilaTruGstaFromDaStrets gifted the world with a crisp definition that was then published onto Fuckboi rose to peak fame around 2014 (Vine was cool then too) and became the most accurate word to describe a significant portion of the male populace between 15 and 35 years of age. This specific group has a collective set of traits, but I won’t bore you with stereotypes – instead we will do a case study. Within these case studies we will also explore the diversion of fuckboy and fucboi – a separation that has slowly gone unnoticed.

These are some samples from real conversations that took place for this research.

Friend: “Sup man!”

Fuckboy: (wearing khakis and plaid shirt) “Just drinking 4-5 Bud Light Limes TM!”

Fucboi: (also wearing khakis but has OBEY t-shirt on) “Got a couple crisp Buds man!”

Analysis: This interaction goes far beyond an appreciation of a crisp Bud Light Lime TM. Matt T. is drinking Bud Light Lime TM for the 3rd weekend in a row even after he blacked out and went to third base with Rachel who his housemate Matt B. totally had a thing with last semester even though neither of them hung out sober. Also Matt B. doesn’t even like Bud Light Lime TM and he’s only drinking it because his dad’s company does the advertising for them and he got like 3 free cases this summer but he didn’t drink any then because he got a concussion after trying to jump from the big dock to the lil dock after one too many Bud Light Limes TM.

Anyways if you don’t see the difference now then maybe take it easy on those crisp Bud Light Limes TM. The point is, don’t text fuckbois, don’t talk to fuckbois, fuckbois are more underwhelming than the way this editorial turned out. Fuckbois are like Bud Light Lime TM, 1 is a bad idea, but once you’ve had 6 you may as well just keep going down your own horrible disruptive path, get a grip on life ladies and also follow me on Vine.