The Top 5 Vowels That Will Improve Your Words Like No Other Letters Can


When attempting to assemble a proper sentence, it is important to take the words you are using into consideration. Words are made up of letters. Over time, a clear distinction has been made between two categories of letters: consonants and vowels. In order to educate students about word construction, Golden Words has compiled a list of the absolute best 5 vowels that can provide students with the most power over their word definitions:


An underrated letter, this vowel has a variety of unique pronunciations that can strongly influence your word’s structure and meaning. Some examples include: aardvark, abortion, anaconda, Abraham, abracadabra, and arachnophobia. Just imagine what these words would lack without the letter A.


This vowel has got a lot of phonetic potential. Sometimes your chosen word just needs an extra kick, and E has got your back. Check out these examples: elephant, ejaculation, Eminem, ermagherd, and EDM. Without E, you won’t even be able to even.


I is a more subtle letter that can often be found hiding in the background, but when it does get featured prominently, it won’t fail to impress. I can be found in these notable examples: igloo, icky, inkjet, Illuminati. Who doesn’t love the Illuminati?


O has played a huge part in the development of human civilization and society. There are countless O’s to be found in historical documents and scriptures. Obama.


What else is there to say? U is just an all around great letter and definitely deserves more appreciation by the general population of English-speakers. U is an essential element in these words: underboob, uggs, unicorn, unicorns, and last but not least, Uranus.