The Town Crier Reads Code


This a reading of the MECH Aerospace matlab code, read in bad british accent:

Here ye, Here ye, Queen’s hath declared that V shalt globally be defined as 30 meters per seconds. This velocity shall be multiplied by the density of the air and this new value shall be defined as the a the constant PV. Next, there shalt be a loop of the nature of “for” that shall repeat from i to 30. Within this loop a statement designed to determine if or then the variables hath be greater than 100. If there variable hath be greater than 100, then the variable shalt be divided by 2; elsewise, the value shalt go fuck itself and an error shall be displayed. Nextforth, the const PV shall then be looped while the value is less than 225. The constant will be multiplied by 2.75 for each revolution of the loop. Henceforth, the value PV is then multiplied by the matrix forthwith and then displayed within a graph which shalt be posted on the messaging boards.